Visualize the invisibles-Part 1

Dr. Charushila  S.Sardar

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Rate of Failure of Dental Implants in Diabetic Patients: A Systematic Review.

Dr. Prachi A Rajput, Dr. Anju Aggarwal, Dr. Aditya Chaudhary, Dr. Kartika N Kumar, Dr. Aryen Kaushik

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3-D printing materials in Prosthodontics: A Review.

Dr. Aditya S. Kharge, Dr. V.N.V Madhav, Dr. Sumit Nalavde, Dr. Pratik Attal

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CAD/CAM fabricated dentures: A Review.

Dr. Ajit Jankar, Dr. Bhushan Bangar, Dr Shashi Patil, Dr. Vidya Channe, Dr. Vaishnavi Amberkhane

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Comparative evaluation of fluid absorbency of two different sizes of retraction cords after immersing in five different retraction medicaments: An In Vitro Study

Dr. Rupal J Shah, Dr. Bansri Tank, Dr. Vishal Chauhan, Dr. Sanjay Lagdive, Dr. Gunjit Marwaha, Dr. Neelima Chauhan

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Influence of removable partial denture on quality of life of adults in the state of Gujarat: An In Vitro Study.

Dr. Rupal J Shah, Dr. Gunjit Marwaha, Dr. Hemal Agarwal, Dr. Sanjay Lagdive, Dr. Bansri Tank, Dr. Neelima Chauhan

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Enhancing retention using bar and clip attachment in overdenture: A Case Report.

Dr. Rupal J Shah, Dr. Sanjay Lagdive, Dr. Monika S Varma, Dr. Gunjit Marwaha

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Detachable cheek plumbers to improve esthetics in Conventional Complete Denture: A Case Report.

Dr. Sheetal Jadhav, Dr. Praveen Badwaik, Dr. Nikita Gharat, Dr. Sailee Bhogwekar

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Hybridization of Cast Partial Denture Fabrication: A Case Series.

Dr.Varun Jaiswar, Dr. Anuradha Mohite, Dr. Jyoti Nadgere, Dr. Janani Iyer

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Screw Retained Implant Prosthesis: A Case Report.

Dr. Rachana Gaikwad, Dr. Jyoti Temburane, Dr. Arti Gangurde

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