Dr. S M Joshi

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QUIN Tool: The Risk of Bias tool for assessment of in-vitro studies

Dr. Naisargi Shah


DTR: Disclusion Time Reduction …Door to Revolution!

Dr. Priyanka Devkar, Dr. Saloni Mistry, Dr. Swati Sharma


Assessment of Knowledge and Awareness of Dentists Regarding Digital Implantology in The State of Maharashtra-A Questionnaire Based Survey

Dr. Shrishrimal Mahavir D, Dr. Dixit Santosh Y, Dr. Deshpande Varun A, Dr. Rathod Vikram E, Dr. Jain Pooja, Dr. Waychal Seja

Comparative evaluation of flexural strength and color stability of different nylon polymer denture base materials with conventional heat polymerized acrylic resin denture base material: an in vitro study

Dr. Prachi Agrawal, Dr. Jyoti Karani, Dr. Saloni Mistry, Dr. Anshul Khanna, Dr. Shruti Gill, Dr. Praveen Badwaik, Dr. Nikita Gharat

Occlusal equilibration: Are we going the right way? -A survey

Dr. Kamanksha Mhatre, Dr. Saloni Mistry, Dr. Parmeet Banga

The Effect of Three Different Direct Metal Laser Sintered Coping Thickness on The Marginal Fit of Metal Ceramic Restorations After Repeated Firing Cycles: An In Vitro Pilot Study

Dr. Naisargi Shah, Dr. Anshul Khanna, Dr. Adhithi Prabhu, Dr. Prakruti Shah, Dr. Ashutosh Pai, Dr. Rahul Malu, Dr. Bhavna Ahuja


Rehabilitation of a Hemimaxillectomy patient with Surgical, Interim and Definitive Obturator: A Case Report.

Dr. Janani Iyer, Dr. Aishwarya Deshmukh, Dr.Jyoti Nadgere

Simultaneous Hard and Soft-Tissue Augmentation around Dental Implant in the Esthetic Zone using Osseodensification method: A Case Repor

Dr. Anjali Chavan, Dr. Jyoti Nadgere, Dr. Janani Iyer

Socket Shield Technique for Ridge Preservation: A Case Report.

Dr. Neelam Pande, Dr. Chetana Rambhad , Dr. Twinkle Hatmode, Dr. Usha Radke

Interdisciplinary Approach to Recreate Anterior Esthetics- A Case Report.

Dr SK Sameer Hussain, Dr Vivek Lath, Dr Saumya Sharma


Clinical Tip to Record Centric Relation

Dr. R.D. Das, Dr Sailee Bhogwekar