Dr. Naisargi Shah

HOD and Professor, Terna Dental College,

Navi Mumbai


As we all are facing second wave of COVID-19 pandemic, it is obvious that research in form of high-quality trials or clinical studies can be delivered especially after sudden emergence of post-COVID Mucormycosis cases in our country. Ever changing behaviour of this disease has made it difficult to generalize the sign-symptoms, diagnosis and management. In such situations our medical colleagues, government bodies are working very hard to control the spread of this disease. To convert a few observations in to the scientific evidence must be a task and which is visible in our public’s readiness for taking vaccines 1-3.

Again, the rapid translation of COVID-19-related research and evidence into practice also is taking some time due to changes in the behaviour of the public, patients and healthcare professionals. All of us must have realised that COVID-19 research is given priority everywhere. Open any scientific website and you will read those flashing messages about this priority. Research will allow the safe delivery of dental treatment if it can be brought in the field quickly. It is our duty as clinicians and academicians to update our knowledge regarding clinical recommendations, control of aerosols, disinfection protocols and cure for COVID patients 4, 5.


As Dentists and especially, Prosthodontists, we too need to have some good research in the field. This can be in the form of surveys, clinical trials, and microbial analysis and so on. I am sure, as Prosthodontists, we are ready to treat the Mucormycosis cases once their surgical management is successful. Dear clinicians and post graduate students, be ready, learn all possible treatment options, complications, be thorough with the maxillofacial materials and techniques; so that we can rehabilitate those patients to improve their life quality. The interdisciplinary approach in treating these patients will be the most desirous.

Let’s be passionate, courageous to our fellow countrymen who are suffering from this very fast spreading, lethal if not treated in time disease. Various organisations like Indian Prosthodontic Society at national level and at individual branch levels and Indian Dental Association have already come up with rehabilitation plans for the same. Let’s join hands with them and Make life easier for these patients.


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