Dr. Saloni Mistry

Dr. Saloni Mistry

Let our faith be deeper than our fear!

We have all sailed through the past year of 2020 with a cloud of covid fear, a year that has changed our lives, our perspectives and our thoughts. It has been a year of blend of gains and losses. So can we say that we forget this year as the silent limbo of the past or remember this year as the one that has changed our vision forever. Emerging out of covid fear with a shield of vaccination, we all are learning to embrace a new normal.

As the secretary of IPS MNM, I feel privileged to share with you our Team’s vision of “Broadening our horizons in the Elements of Prosthodontics to the IPS MNM family of academia, clinicians, budding Prosthodontists and Postgraduate students”. The IPS MNM branch was born in 2015 by our legends and pioneers of Prosthodontics. The seeds of academic and professional growth have been sown by them which need to be nurtured for the growth and glory of our branch.

The covid era has taught us to explore the strength of connectivity through the digital platform. Distanced, yet connected for planning and execution has been our motto as we planned a spectrum of webinars with topics aptly chosen ranging from occlusion, bruxism to making evidence based clinical decision making by world renowned charismatic speakers Dr.Ali Tunkiwala, Dr.Rangarajan, Dr.Ajit Shetty and Dr.Shankar Iyer. Our expert panelists were our very own luminaries, Dr. Suhasini Nagda, Dr. Sabita Ram, Dr.Meshram, Dr.Arti Wadkar, Dr.Milind Karmarkar who have always been our pillars of support and inspiration.

As we entered 2021 with a stream of positivity, on the occasion of Prosthodontist Day, the branch organised an excellent interactive session on “Development of Soft skills” by Mr. Dominic Costabir, coupled with insightful visions on “Road mapping” for budding Prosthodontists by our very own mentors Dr. Jyoti Karani, Dr. Omkar Shetty and Dr. R.D. Das. We had organised an essay competition on ‘What change will I bring as a Prosthodontist’, slogan writing on ‘Be careful, not fearful’ and clinical case presentation on ‘My best and worst clinical case’ for our Postgraduate students which received an enthusiastic participation reflecting their talents and adding value to the momentum of sharing and learning. A geriatric camp at Gurukrupa Old age home, Nerul was conducted with the help of Terna and D.Y.Patil Dental colleges promising a ray of hope to our senior citizens in these testing times.

The Journal of this branch – “The Journal of Prosthodontics and Dental Materials” has seen the light of the day due to the tireless and dedicated efforts of our branch editor Dr. Naisargi Shah and her team. The E-journal is still in its infancy stage and I humbly appeal to all our life members to contribute valuable scientific content to this journal.

Our branch has also started an educational grant towards the scholarship programme awarded to the best research/ thesis topic every year beginning 2021-22 due to the generous donation of Dr.Dilip Deshpande, Dr.Sharat Shetty and Dr. Rathin Das.

A dedicated website which is dynamic and reflects the activities of our branch right from its birth, founder office bearers, history, events – past, present and future, E-journal, academic content of library thesis, educational resources, etc is standing at its gateway for launch under the able guidance of our president Dr. Sharat Shetty, Dr. Gaurang Mistry and our entire team.

I humbly express our heartfelt gratitude to our educational partners Dr. N.K Patel & Sons, Alpha Omega Enterprises, Doshi Marketing Corporation, Dentart Dental Laboratory and Yogi Enterprises for their support in all our branch activities.

I bow in gratitude to the Head Office presided by the visionary Dr. Akshay Bhargava with the talented secretary Dr. Rupesh P.L for their constant support of encouragement and inspiration.

Our team headed by our captain Dr. Sharat Shetty has indeed been successful to rekindle the zeal and enthusiasm of our branch in his tenure of presidency in the year 2020-21. We pledge a sense of camaraderie amongst us. The ship of IPS MNM is sailing to explore the ocean of knowledge.

With our mission to discover our innate potential, let our thoughts be limitless, our quest for knowledge be seamless and together let us carve the path towards infinitheism.

Respectfully yours,

Dr. Saloni Mistry,

Honorary Secretary,