Every individual has the right to healthy oral health including restoring missing parts with suitable substitutes with optimum function and esthetics”. Mumbai has been the pioneer city to espouse this principle and the seed of forming the National Society was sowed here and was officially formed in 1973 in Ahmedabad. Most great Indian prosthodontic stalwarts have their origins here and have passed their legacy across India through the years gone by. The number of prosthodontists has increased immensely across the country. So there was a pressing need to launch regional organizations to meet the needs of the large number of prosthodontists of the region and around. 

With 7 dental colleges in the Mumbai and Navi Mumbai region and greatest density of practicing prosthodontist in these cities, a vibrant society was established in 2015 and promptly named INDIAN PROSTHODONTIC SOCIETY MUMBAI NAVI MUMBAI (IPS MNM). The goal was to strive for academic and clinical excellence with ingredients of social activities. Members enrolled with enthusiasm and hosted the National conference at Navi Mumbai under the stewardship of the first President Dr Suhasini Nagda as the President and Dr Rathin Das as the Founder Secretary and Dr Saloni Mehta as the Founder Editor. It was a great opportunity to showcase the experience and caliber of seasoned teachers, accomplished clinicians and post-graduate students and the congress was an astounding success with accolades flowing from all over.


The boat of IPS MNM has since been ably steered by many eminent contributors to prosthodontic teachings like Dr Sabita Ram (2016), Dr Jyoti Karani (2017), Dr Suresh Meshram (2018), Dr Omkar Shetty (2019) and Dr Shart Shetty (2020). Currently Dr Rathin Das (2021) leads the organization and will be followed by President-elect Dr Gaurang Mistry for the year 2022.